Attic insulation dublin

For homebuilders and homeowners in Ireland and across the globe, energy efficiency has become an important part of design and remodeling projects. Energy conservation improvements are not only good for the environment but also equate to money savings for their homeowner. The potential for real savings for homeowners has spurred the cavity wall insulation Dublin business. These improvements can range from energy efficient appliances to building modifications. Older homes can undergo renovations to improve their energy efficiency levels to be comparable to newer construction. Cavity wall insulation Dublin
area businesses are the best resource for starting these insulation projects.

The techniques for insulating homes have advanced greatly. Homes built before 1920 often lack any cavity wall insulation which results in significant energy loss in all seasons. Cavity wall insulation Dublin fills the space between the external wall and internal walls of a home. In older homes this space is usually unfilled, which results in an energy loss anywhere up to fifteen percent. If you are unsure if your home is properly insulated, contact a home insulation Dublin installer and they can perform a test to determine the type of insulation (if any) your home has. Although wall insulation is not the only insulation your home needs to be more energy efficient. Insulating attic or loft space is just as important as wall insulation, as up to twenty five percent of energy loss comes from roofs.

There are two popular choices for insulation materials, either rolled or blown, made from mineral wool, foamed insulants or beads and granules. Most cavity wall insulation uses blown materials, while attic insulation works well with both types of materials and processes. The Irish government supports grant programs to encourage their citizens to undergo home improvements and renovations that will decrease the homes energy consumption. Installation of cavity wall insulation Dublin and attic insulation both qualify for these grants. These grants save provide cash incentives in addition to the added energy savings when completing home and attic insulation dublin. Some insulation specialists will even help clients with the insulation grant Dublin process.

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