Contemporary italian furniture

Nothing says luxury like high end leather furniture. Aside from a house and car, furniture is probably the most expensive thing a person will buy, and it is a purchase that shouldn?t be taken lightly. High end leather furniture is an investment. It is extremely durable and, on average, lasts over twice as long as furniture made from other materials, when it is properly cared for. However, it?s easy to keep clean; every six months, apply a leather conditioner, and when spills happen, simply wipe them up with a clean cloth. Leather is soft but strong, easy to care for, naturally beautiful even as it ages, and a good investment in your home and lifestyle.

Not all leathers are the same, and not all contemporary leather furniture companies offer the same quality. Therefore, if you?re considering investing in high end leather furniture, such as contemporary leather sofas, there are some things to keep in mind. First, be sure you?re buying real leather, and not pleather or bonded leather. Bonded leather looks nice at first, but doesn?t feel or last the way real leather does. Bonded leather includes vinyl and polyurethane. Those ingredients are not part of real leather. No high end leather furniture would be bonded leather.

Second, look for Italian leather, as it sets the standard worldwide and is traditionally known for superior quality, natural methods, and excellent craftsmanship. In addition, it is generally full-grain leather, which is made from the best hides, and does not need to be altered, sanded or buffed to remove imperfections. That makes it more durable and beautiful. By the way, Italy produces almost half of the machinery used to produce footwear and leather goods around the world, and around 80 percent of all tanning machinery. Leather that is made in Italy is simply different, and better than any other. By definition, high end leather furniture is Italian leather furniture. Avoid leather made in China, as it usually does not follow the full high quality methods of tanning, resulting in inferior leather; this is difficult to do, as over 70% of leather available in the U.S. is made in China.

So, for your new contemporary Italian bedroom furniture, or your 100 percent leather sofa, invest wisely.Look for a local craftsman or importer and be sure it is high end leather furniture. Choose strong structure, custom design, and beautiful materials. Bring elegance and long-lasting luxury to your lifestyle with Italian leather.

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