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Restoring rusty metal fences to their former glory may seem like a steep challenge, but it’s not so hard once you know what you’re doing. Here’s what you should do.

Get the Loose Rust Off First.

First things first, homeowners need to get the loose rust and flaking paint off of the surface of their metal fences. To do this, they need to scour the metal with a wire brush, applying gentle pressure to remove the loose and flaking bits.

Chemically Treat the Fences.

Now, homeowners should strap some goggles and rubber gloves on, and brush paint stripper over their metal fences to remove the rest of the old paint. Then, scrape the softened paint off, and use sandpaper to get rid of any defects that may still be there. Be sure to use either a medium and fine-grit sandpaper. Once the metal fences are smooth, and free of rust, homeowners can move on, but they’re not done yet.

Clean the Fences.

Now, homeowners should clean their metal fences with a strong detergent to remove the oil and grit and the rest of whatever gunk may be on fences. Then, they should rinse the fences thoroughly with their hose, and wipe it all down with a clean cloth. It would also be in their best interest to then re-paint their fences with a waterproof sealant to keep moisture out, and ensure that the fences don’t start to rust again.

Whether they be wrought iron fences, chain link fences, or aluminum fences, homeowners can use these tips to get the rust off of their metal fences, and restore them to their former glory. It’s not hard to do, but it does take a bit of patience, elbow grease, and caution, since they’ll be working with chemicals. If you have any questions about de-rusting metal fences, feel free to share in the comments.

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