Fire extinguisher inspection in tampa

Did you know that there’s 374,000 residential home fires on average each year in the United States? These cause 2,600 deaths, 12,975 injuries, and about $7.32 billion in losses. In fact, the United States’ fire death rate is actually one of the single highest per capita in the industrialized world, according to FEMA.

Such shocking statistics are enough to make any homeowner want to invest in both automatic fire suppression systems and passive fire protection systems. The problem is that these can often be too expensive for the average homeowner. That being said, there’s a plethora of different fire protection products any family can affordably invest in. Here are just a few such fire protection products that every house should have.

Smoke Alarms.

Smoke alarms sense fire, heat, and smoke, and then let off a loud alarm to wake the home’s residents, alerting them of the potential danger they’re in. Most states require smoke alarms by law, but it’s absolutely imperative that homeowners test and maintain these products to ensure that they’re working properly, rather than just installing them and then ignoring them.


The National Fire Protection Association cites that a higher use of residential sprinklers is key to reduce the amount of fire losses, particularly in home fires. What’s more, sprinklers are widely recognized as the most effective way to stop the spread of a fire in its early stages. Plus, these fire protection products can also get you a discount on your insurance, too!

Fire Extinguishers.

While most states don’t require every household to have a fire extinguisher, these fire protection products are invaluable. There have been multiple studies on the efficacy of these fire protection products, which have found that they effectively put out between 74% to 80% of all house fires. If you do decide to get a fire extinguisher, then put it where a fire is most likely going to happen–the kitchen, where 56% of all house fires start.

These are just a few of the most protective fire protection products you can get for your home. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Find more.

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