Early spring gardeningLandscape and outdoor decor are just as important for your home’s appeal and value as the inside is. Taking care of the yard and keeping everything looking nice can boost curb appeal as well as even increase the overall value and sales price of your home. Little touches like a nice green lawn, a cute Amish garden shed, or a few well-maintained flowerbeds can really make your house look and feel more like home.

Many homeowners will ask questions such as – what can I do to boost my backyard decor? The possibilities are endless and there is really no limit to what could be dreamed up to do at the backyard area of the home. Working with your available space and the layout of your yard is important. Just as important also is thinking about how you use your backyard space. Designing a landscape look that is attractive and easy to care for is the ultimate goal of landscape design today.

If you need help with your plans for back garden makeovers, then contact a local landscape design contractor or company. Their skills and experience will be invaluable to you as you work to create a backyard design that will be the envy of the entire neighborhood.


The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were known as one of the ancient wonders, yet their existence and former location — the gardens were destroyed many centuries ago — has never been definitively established. It is not universally agreed that they even existed. If they did, then they were truly a sight to behold, echoing the green hills and valleys of a Persian Queen’s former homeland.

Are you looking for ways to improve your own early spring landscaping? It’s not too late for you to have your own awe-inspiring gardens. The average homeowners spend about $4,000 on landscaping, though your costs might be much lower or higher than this depending on what you plan on doing, and how much labor you can contribute by yourself. Ready for your own backyard Babylon garden? Here are three tips.


1. Water Features Add a Pleasurable Aesthetic

According to Philly, along with fire pits and patios, one of the features many gardeners are looking for this spring are water features such as waterfalls, streams, and other designs that don’t have a pond. Many people don’t want the bother and upkeep of an actual fish-stocked pond, but there are actually many other options available that be not only a nice accent piece to your yard but also add the soothing sound of falling water to your landscape.

2. Fire Pits

Why are firepits so popular right now for landscaping design? Firepits are a relatively low-cost way to amplify the way your outdoor space can be used during the day or night. On cooler summer nights, a fire pit is a place where people can gather and sit, and the smoke will keep the bugs at bay. Many homeowners today are choosing to make the firepit an intrinsic part of their patio, rather than constructing it in another part of the yard. Depending on whether you buy one prefabricated or custom-built, it can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 to install.

3. Using Landscaping Stones

You can take your landscaping to the next level by using landscaping stones. Stones can add unique visual textures, as well as complementary colors, to your garden. You can use flagstones to create a retaining wall for a tiered garden look, or smaller stones in place of colored mulch to have greater variety in the way you frame your plants.


Do you have tips for better landscaping designs? Let us know in the comments. For more, read this link.


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