There are a lot of reasons to use different window treatments such as curtains and vertical blinds in your home. When curtains are added to a home, they can reduce the costs associated with heating and cooling of the residence. This savings comes mostly from the insulation that is provided by any window dressings. It has been estimated that they can cut the amount of heat lost by a home by about 10%. They can also keep heat from the rays of the sun out.

The usefulness of drapes does not end there. There are a number of other ways to use them in your home. Here are five of them:

  1. Turn any bed into a canopy bed. Many little kids dream of being princesses. One way to make at least part of that dream come true is to make them their very own princess bed by using drapery to create a canopy bed. They can be used for more private spaces for teenagers. Even adults can take curtains and dramatically change up the look of master bedrooms. Drapes made from mesh can transform a space into a dreamscape. By filtering the light that gets to sleepers, these can also help adults enjoy more restful sleep. Using lighter fabric drapes for tihs purpose can also add a lot of fun and whimsy to the look of any bedroom space.
  2. You can create spaces within spaces within larger rooms. You can create play and reading spaces. You can use drapes to create teepees and other spaces for your children to play and learn. One added benefit is that if you cordon off an area with drapes for kids to use for their play area, you may be able to avoid toys being laid out all over your house. That makes clean up from playtime a lot simpler and take less of your time.
  3. Get rid of cabinet doors and put in cabinet curtains. In many farmhouses, gingham curtains were used in lieu of doors for cabinets and cupboards. For people who are looking to add a more country look to their homes, this fad has had a bit of a comeback. Homeowners now use a number of different fabrics and textures to create their own look.
  4. Give everyone their own space with drapes. Whether you have growing children in your home, who want more privacy or if you have a larger space that you would like to break up into smaller sections, drapes can do the job for your home. Drapes can replace walls in areas where you may want to get two, three, or more spaces from one. Interior design experts recommend using ilghter colors when you are splitting up dining and living areas in your home. They say that that drapes can also be used to block off spaces that you may not want visitors to see.
  5. Drapes are not just for windows Another way drapes can be used to insulate your home is to use them on doors and well as windows. For people who live in colder climates, you can use drapes to keep that cold air from creeping into your home when people open and close the doors in your residence. These can also add a splash of color or change up the look of a room. These are also easy to change out if you like to change the look of your home from season to season or for the holidays.

There are a lot of ways curtains can be used around your home to change up the look and provide savings on your utility bills. People do not always realize how much they lose in cooling and heating costs when they do not have the right insulation and installing drapes can make a big difference there. These five tips can also make drapes useful for other needs in your home. Whether you are turning one bedroom into two or just want your kids to have a fun space to play or learn, drapes may make a big difference in how you enjoy your home.

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