How can you modernize and update your home without doing a complete remodel? You might not know it, but using glass is one of the best ways of improving a space.

What Can Glass Do?

Glass has a way of making a space look modern, but it also lends brightness to your room. If you have a lot of heavy furniture and dark colors, glass can lighten the space. Some floating glass shelves can make your whole space seem larger, too. There’s nothing like some modern glass end tables replacing chunky wooden ones to suddenly make it seem like you have tons of room. Even something as simple as a miniature salt lamp can turn a dark and imposing space into something just a bit brighter and cuter.

Ok, But Is Glass Durable?

When you think of glass, you almost always think of breakingglass. Who among us hasn’t had to clean up a broken window, a broken drinking glass, or even the remains of a small glass table at some point in life? You’ll be glad to know that the newest floating glass shelves and frosted glass cabinets are now made with tempered glass. This is twice as strong as normal glass that is heat-treated and four times the strength of untreated glass. Ironically, your glass cabinet might just be the strongest piece of furniture in the room!

What About The Environment

Glass has you covered here, too. It turns out that glass is completely recyclable. Every bit of it, 100%, can be recycled. In fact, it can be recycled over and over again. You won’t find a more eco-friendly way to outfit your space than by using glass.

What if Glass Makes Things Too Bright?

If you have a lot of LED lighting or a bright window nearby, you might worry that glass will reflect glare all over the place. No need to panic. You can get your floating glass shelves with custom tinted glass. Tinting not only reduces glare, but it also absorbs heat. It’s a great way to make your space feel bright yet cooler at the same time.

What About Those Salt Lamps I Keep Seeing?

These lamps are actually made of natural crystallized salt, and they complement other types of glass in the room. There are a couple reasons you might consider getting one of these. For one thing, collecting curiosities has been something people do for since as far back as the Middle Ages. It’s part of what makes us human that we notice the unusual and celebrate it.

For another, there’s mounting evidence that those salt lamps can actually be good for you. A study published in BMP Psychiatry revealed that negative air ionization, which is what those lamps produce as they heat, is consistently associated with lower scores for depression.

Whatever your reason for choosing glass or crystal, your making a great choice. Take a look at floating glass shelves and tinted glass panel options and see what will work best in your space.

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