Metal window manufacturers

The importance of having the right windows in a home is essential. Windows are responsible for everything from the aesthetics of a home to its security, from its energy conservation to its price on the market. To give some statistics, around 20% of a typical home’s heat loss occurs through its windows, and about 30% of all burglaries are through an unlocked window or door. We entrust our windows with so many aspects of our daily existence, and yet so few of us are equipped to describe even five different types of windows.
We’ve put together this list so that when the time comes for you to install windows in a home, you’ll know what you’re working with.

  • Metal Window Options
  • Metal window options are quite diverse, but are generally light, strong and maintenance-free. However, most metal window options conduct heat rapidly, which makes it poor for insulation. Thermally broken steel windows offer better insulation than most residential steel windows.
  • Composite Frames
  • These sorts of window frames are made from composite wood. They are an improvement over normal wood, boasting improved thermal and structural properties and better decay resistance.
  • Wood Frames
  • Although good at insulating, wood frames can expand or contract in their holes in the wall, and require more insulation than composite frames or steel framed windows.
  • Fiberglass Frames
  • Fiberglass windows have air cavities that can be filled with insulation, which makes them thermally superior to most wood frames.
  • Vinyl Frames
  • Vinyl frames do not require painting or much maintenance, and like fiberglass frames, can be insulated.

These five kinds of windows are pretty much what you have to work with when working on an architectural design. Be it metal, wood, fiberglass, vinyl or composite, one of these options will provide your clients with the right combination of security, energy conservation and aesthetic beauty. Comment below with your experiences. Great references here.

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