Heating and cooling in st. louis

It’s never a good sign when you see a home air conditioning installation service van parked at your neighbor’s house on the hottest day of the summer. Just the sight of the heating and cooling repair truck makes you remember how much you had to spend replacing your unit on that 100 plus degree day last summer. You are glad that the heating and cooling unit you had installed came with a warranty and that you have already started to see some savings on your utility bills. While it can be initially expensive to replace a HVAC unit, the newer models are more energy efficient and often come with an additional service contract at an affordable rate and a significant warranty.
Air conditioner repair is often so expensive that home owners need to seriously consider upgrading to a newer model if what you have is older than 20 to 25 years. As heating and cooling efficiency rating continue to improve, new heating and cooling systems can immediately begin to pay for themselves in utility savings, and sometimes, energy rebates.
Home air conditioning installation needs to be completed by certified and trained technicians. While you may have a friend or husband who claims to be able to install a new heating and cooling unit for free, you often get what you pay for. A friend or spouse who claims to know how to install a new HVAC unit may actually save you a little more money up front, but the danger of that installation being performed by an amateur is that the warranty might be cancelled if it is not installed correctly. A very costly mistake that you might regret.
Home air conditioning repair and installation is part of a the U.S. HVAC industry which is worth an estimated $71 billion.
Between the years 2009 and 2014, the U.S. HVAC industry grew nearly 4.1% a year. Employing an estimated 301,123 people, this industry includes an estimated 85,469 HVAC businesses located across the country.

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