Acoustic ceiling panels

Your 22-year old son is a singer, songwriter, and musician, and his band has been lining up quite a few shows lately. Some are scheduled for Nashville and they have a big one in Dallas this summer. You often find yourself clicking on the link to his website and following his social media posts in an attempt to keep up with what he is doing!
When you first signed your young son up for drum lessons you had no real idea of what you were getting yourself into. If someone would have told you that years later you would be talking about the selection of acoustic ceiling materials and soundproof wall panels you would have been surprised.
What started as a whim, has turned into a lifelong love for music, especially anything to do with percussion instruments. After making some minor sound modifications to your basement when your son was in high school so that his band could practice at your house, you are now looking at some more intense decisions.
This same son has now graduated with a performance music degree and is looking at some studio space where he can give lessons and host performances when he is not on the road. The acoustic ceiling materials are just the beginning of the plans and decisions that you will be helping him make. Both for the purposes of recording and practice, your son has gotten to the point where he is very specific about what he wants for sound quality. With three practice rooms planned, he also wants to pay close attention to the fact that he finds sound absorbing ceiling panels so that students will not be distracting each other.
Are You Looking for a Way to Create a Sound Proof Music Room?

Whether you have created a sound studio in your basement or you have specially designed a studio for performances, you likely understand that the process of soundproofing a room is a combination of four very specific tactics: adding mass, damping, decoupling, filling air gaps. From acoustic ceiling panels to other kinds of acoustic ceiling products locations of nearly any size can be transformed into productive sound studios for musicians of all levels.

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