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It’s no secret that the landscape of the average American workplace has dramatically changed thanks to the advent and popularity of the internet. Nowadays, more and more are working in an office instead of performing physical labor. In fact, it’s almost difficult to believe that there was once a time when people spent most of their day on their feet performing manual labor that as extremely physically taxing! Although the norm now is to spend most of the day seated at computer desks — whether you work in an office or at home — that doesn’t mean that sitting at workstations is not without any physical, mental, or emotional health risks. In fact, you’d be surprised how damaging a sedentary lifestyle can be.

With the majority of American workers seated in front of computer desks and other forms of commercial office furniture for nearly 15 hours each day, it’s no wonder that the United States has the highest rates of chronic disease such as obesity heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol in the world despite American citizens having access to some of the best and most advanced healthcare facilities and technologies. What’s even more concerning and shocking is that studies have shown that even fit, active, and athletic people who sit at modern office desks and computer desks for long periods of time each day aren’t immune to the negative health effects associated with being sedentary.

If you work at computer desks for the majority of your day, here are a few tips to stay healthy!

Don’t forget about your chair

One of, if not the, most important aspects of working at computer desks isn’t even the computer desk itself — it’s the work chairs! Did you know that office workers and other people who work at computers desks for the majority of their day can spend up to a third of their life seated on a desk chair? Therefore it’s important to do everything in your power to choose a desk or work chair that won’t destroy your spine.

There are a variety of great desk chairs with back and posture that come with a hefty price tag, but you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to find a comfortable chair that supports proper posture. If you work from home, choose chairs with adjustable height levers to ensure your feet can comfortably reach the floor. You can even add a cushion for addition bum and lower back support. And if you work for a company in an office, why not simply ask your supervisor to supply with a more comfortable chair? You can even say it will improve your productivity — but be sure to actually follow through on this one.

Get moving and stay moving

Did you know that many of today’s modern computer desks are actually standing desks? A standing desk allows for more movement which in turn helps to combat and reduce the toll that sitting all day takes on your body. While you’re making a business phone call, checking email on your phone, or you simply feel like standing up, use that time as an opportunity to pace or walk around your work area. You’d be surprised how much better and fresher a few minutes of walking will make you feel. Many modern offices have even implemented treadmill desks which allow employees to kill two birds with one stone by allowing them to walk and work at the same time.

Pace yourself accordingly

Office workers know all about working hard but few know how to work smart. While you may think cranking out work for hours at a time without a break is being productive, this actually isn’t the case. Work hard and focused in 25 minute increments and then take a short 5 minute break away from your desk. You can use this time to get some fresh air, move around the office, journal, or meditate. Not only does this help to stave off distraction, but it also gives your physical body a needed break and allows you to move around.

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