Meet Focus on the Family

The charity group Focus on the Family was started by three women in the West Lafayette area. What they are famous for is their multi-family garage sales where the money raised is donated to charity.

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Organizer Rita Thacker stated that the event started small but has since grown to include donations from around 100 families within the community. So where does this money go? Keep reading.

Who Do These Events Help?

Contrary to rumors that have circulated, the money raised from the sales does NOT go to garage door repair services. Instead, it goes to supply ultrasounds to women who are facing at-risk pregnancies.

The ultrasound equipment is purchased utilizing this money. It benefits both the mother-to-be and the unborn baby. Although the awareness of these charity garage sales is new to some people, they have actually been taking place for around thirty years. Think of all the mothers and babies they’ve been able to help in that time.

More About Focus on the Family

They are a spiritually-driven organization with their contributions to their community reaching several kinds of ministries. The charity garage sales are merely one avenue they have chosen to pursue.

As was mentioned previously, the money raised at the garage sales goes to ultrasound equipment for at-risk expectant mothers. We would be remiss if we didn’t tell you that a portion of the donated money is used to train people to operate the machines properly. The short explanation of this is that so many lives are saved. How wonderful is that?

How Does the West Lafayette Community Respond?

Needless to say, the people are happy the money is not used for garage door repair services. The folks in West Lafayette are proud to proclaim that the garage sales have raised $100,000 to benefit community residents. The three women, Ms. Rita Thacker included, have produced fruitful results which the entire community shares in with their purchases of items. It should be noted that people are happy to shop at the garage sales and do their part to contribute.

Wrap Up

Due in large part to the popularity of these garage sales, they are bound to continue for decades to come. For those people who would like to attend, a schedule of future garage sales can be found on their website. Additionally, more information on Focus on the Family can be found. It may be possible to make a cash donation to the organization even if someone cannot attend any of the events. They can look for instructions on how to do that on the same website.


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