Plumbing is a career that comes with several benefits, including lucrative financial rewards. There are several ways one can become a plumber, including getting a university qualification or taking the apprenticeship route. The video shows a glimpse into an apprentice plumber’s day-to-day runnings and how they learn their skills.

Becoming a plumber through an apprenticeship program can help you save a sizable amount of cash on university costs. With an apprenticeship, you will even be paid to learn on the job.

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Also, most of these programs will guarantee your employment as soon as you are done, and that’s one upside or prospect you won’t get with a traditional college degree.

Typically, apprenticeship training involves a lot of travelling as most of the learning occurs by accompanying qualified plumbers dealing with actual commercial or residential plumbing repair jobs. The skilled plumber teaches the apprentice by demonstrating and instructing over the course of several jobs.

This is an excellent way to learn because the apprentice graduates will already be confident with their skills due to the countless jobs they are part of during training.

Most people who are venturing into plumbing choose the apprenticeship route due to its learn-while-you-work nature. Generally, there appears to be a high demand for plumbing services; therefore, the student accrues plenty of practice from regular work opportunities. Furthermore, the apprentice can even choose to start their own business which will present more opportunities to make money. Most plumbers indicate that starting their own business is also linked to higher job satisfaction.

Plumbing apprenticeship programs also enable students to interact with each other either as they bump into each other or work together on jobs or during the weekends. This is important for team building. Working as part of a team is an essential skill that every plumber needs to have.

Several awards are given during the apprenticeship program. For instance, apprentices who perform extraordinarily can be given the best plumbing skills award. These awards serve to encourage the apprentices to perform better and to dedicate more effort.

Most apprentices who graduate can also plough back by teaching other apprentices and growing the plumbing industry in various ways. To get into an apprenticeship program, one needs to choose an institution and apply. It’s also important to bring personal gear and equipment. There is no need for specialized gear; what’s important is to get a comprehensive kit that feels good in one’s hands.


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