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Windows may seem simple: They’re just vinyl or wooden frames holding panes of glass, right? But when you actually break one and get the bill, window replacement prices might shock you. Even a cheap window replacement can run up to $300 — and it’s not unusual to pay more than $500 — so it’s best to prevent your windows from getting broken in the first place. Here are a few ways you can protect your windows:

  1. Watch Your Foundation

    When your foundations settles more than it should or cracks, your entire home can start to shift. As your walls, floors and ceilings move, getting further away from the ideal, squared-up alignment, windows can pay the price. If a frame becomes too twisted, your windows may fail to close properly and then eventually crack. There are two ways to view this correlation: First, you should keep on top of foundation inspections to ensure you don’t have further damage; second, a window that cracks for no apparent reason is a sign your foundation may be in trouble.

  2. Create Safe Play Areas

    A baseball flying through a window may seem like a cliche out of 1950s sitcom, but it’s still a good idea to create play areas at least a small distance away from vulnerable first-floor windows. An alternative is to switch out plain glass for a tempered version more resistant to damage.

  3. Prepare for Storms

    If you live in a region with a storm season, invest in quality storm shutters or double-paned storm windows (as an extra bonus, you’ll end up saving on utility costs by installing more advanced windows). Continually paying window replacement prices year after year will add up, both in money and in hassle, so it’s well worth it to make sure your home is properly equipped in the first place. Window replacement companies will often sell shutters themselves or be able to refer you to a company that does.

  4. Hire a Locksmith

    When you’re locked out of the house, it can be tempting to just break a window or the glass in your front door to get inside. But in most cases, window replacement costs will add up to far more than just paying a locksmith to come to the house and let you in.

Did you know that the cost of window replacement could be so high? What mishaps have caused broken windows in your home? Share in the comments.

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