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UPDATED 1/21/21

Air conditioners, like any other piece of machinery, need regular maintenance in order to run efficiently and not cause more problems than they fix. The investment you have made in a home (or a business) can be easily lost should your AC system have issues and cause a fire or other damage, so it is best to keep on the maintenance and avoid these headaches in the future.

  1. In the U.S. two-thirds of homes have air conditioners, making AC repair a priority for the majority of Americans.
  2. About 5% of the electricity in the U.S. goes to air conditioners, which costs homeowners $11 billion each year.
  3. Using other ways to keep your home cool and investing in a high-efficiency AC system could reduce your energy use by anywhere from 20 to 50% and reduce the need for as much air conditioning service each year.
  4. Almost a quarter of homes built in the 80s have AC equipment older than 20 years, which leads to a need for regular AC repair services.
  5. Only 42% of those who have air conditioning service it every year, meaning that most homes could really benefit from getting AC services at least once each year.
  6. Air conditioners and related equipment were involved in almost 7,400 home fires in 2010 alone. Regular AC repair and maintenance could have prevented those fires.
  7. In a four year period (2006-2010), it was reported that 55.5 million people were using central air conditioning, and 23.6 million were using air conditioners in one or more rooms.
  8. Replacing your air conditioning equipment can lead to energy savings, especially if that equipment is over 15 years old.
  9. If you don’t service your AC and leave it with broken parts, it can cause excess humidity in your home.

Air conditioning is an integral part of your home as it provides good quality air for occupants. The air conditioning system needs to be in the right working condition to serve its purpose. You, therefore, need to consider looking for an AC repair service in case it breaks down.

Are you having AC issues at home? It may be challenging to enjoy the comfort of your house or office, especially during the hot seasons without an AC. To get the best services in AC repair replacement, you need to look for a reputable company. Wondering ‘Where can I get an ac repair technician near me?’ No need to worry.

You can find out information about AC technicians near you through online platforms the recommendation from friends, family, and colleagues. To get quality work, choose an AC service and repair company with the right certification to be guaranteed you are working with a competent company.

Professional experience is crucial when dealing with AC systems: seek a company with a longer period of business experience. Due to the discomfort that comes with excess heat, it is essential to consider working with a company that can quickly respond to emergency services at any given time. Enjoy high-quality air; seek appropriate AC service and repair company to meet your needs.

HVAC Repair is a priority for most since, as with most machines, the physical life of the equipment is likely shorter than its economic life.

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