Many homeowners across the world take air conditioning for granted. Yet, what are the details behind ac installation services? The Youtube channel, The Air Of Authority, shows viewers how ac professionals get the job done.

The first step is replacing all the old ac system parts.

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The refrigerant is extracted and recycled, the electrical components are removed and replaced, and new connector pieces are installed. One repairman works inside the home, while another is responsible for the outside.

Rocks are added at the base of the new air conditioner to ensure it’s at a level that drains excess moisture away from the home. By code, the base has to be a certain distance away from the house for future serviceability. To keep the unit from breaking down too soon, attention to detail, such as securely fitting all the small parts in the right places, matters.

After checking that the electrical current is up to standard, and the refrigerant carefully measured, each repairman checks each other’s work for any flaws that might be present. With a specialized gauge, the air conditioner then goes through a detailed diagnostic to make sure everything is working as it should.

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