In this video you will see how to live on a roof all alone for a week. This video shows the Day 1 of a roofer living on a roof for a charity. A roofer is a person who repairs or constructs roofs.

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It’s very difficult to live on a roof as you have to make temporary shelter, a place to sleep, manage how to cook there etc. Moreover, you must pray that the weather remains bright and sunny.
As rain usually doubles the work, so the first day of the man was good as it didn’t rain, he managed to get his stuff on the roof. There was a blanket of clouds in the sky but he wished the bright sun to last for the whole day.
Unfortunately, he got a surprise at 3 o clock in the afternoon, when it started to rain. All his stuff got wet but, he somehow managed to spend that day by covering himself up in a raincoat.
The roofer then set up a camp, an eating area and a sitting area. The notification of sunny day in weather check made him very joyous. He amazed the viewers with the night view of the city from the roof top. Next day was quite good, sunny just like the forecast predicted.

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