Solar hot water heaters

The nation seemed to be in shock last week when the President made his announcement that the U.S. was going to leave the Paris Climate Accord. As one of only three countries in the world that would now not be following the guidelines provided by this group, Trump indicated that he was making this decision in part because he knew that he had been elected as the president of Pittsburgh, not Paris. No sooner had these telling words left his mouth, however, when private citizens, CEOs of large corporations, and governors from across the nation began to double down on their efforts to continue the environmentally friendly goals of the Paris accord, even though the President of this nation was not.
from small solar companies to large solar power contracting companies, for instance, many Americans continue to show their support, in spite of the President’s announcement, of a plan to work on technologies like solar panels that can reduce America’s reliance on dirty fossil fuels and devastating fracking techniques.
From heating your pool with specialized solar panels to solar power contractors who help individuals sell the energy that they produce, it appears that not even the President’s unpopular decision will derail the desire of a nation to work to protect the planet so that it will support future generations.
Solar Companies Can Help Both Individuals and Large Corporations Make a Difference
As solar companies continue looking for ways to implement their best practice technologies without the support of the President of the country, they may be finding renewed hope in the fact that so many have come out in direct opposition to the President’s announcement about leaving the Paris Accord.
Whether you are a home owner looking to double your home swimming pool season by tapping into the power of solar energy or you are a CEO of a large company looking to pursue alternative energy sources in the facility plans for your buildings, solar companies can help you explore the ways that you can achieve your goals without doing any more damage to the environment. Consider some of these facts and figures about the solar energy platform:

  • Solar hot water heaters have typical life expectancies of 20 years or longer.
  • One solar panel system can reduce pollution by 100 tons of carbon dioxide over its lifetime.
  • According to ccording to Energy Star data, a solar water heater can reduce the average cost of running an average household water heater by 50%.
  • Kids love their time in the swimming pool, but they do not like to be cold. by harnassing the power of the sun, you can lengthen the number of days that the pool is warm and comfortable without extra energy costs.

  • Until we can reign in destructive practices of using energy sources that are polluting our environment, we cannot guarantee that we are doing what we can to provide a safe place for our future generations.
  • Pool size helps to determine the size of the solar energy source that you will need. For instance, the surface area of a solar collector should equal 50% to 100% of the surface area of the pool that it is heating.

  • The number of people who lived in a house with a pool in the year 2015 was 21.23 million.
  • Heating and cooling systems for large corporations consume huge amounts of energy and cost significant amounts of money. Making the decision to install renewable energy source providers like solar panels can, after the initial investment, cut those energy costs.
  • Estimates indicate that installing solar panels can decrease a household?s carbon footprint by an average of 35,180 pounds of carbon dioxide every year.

  • Solar panels can save an average of $84 a month on an average residential electricity bill.
  • Using solar energy system qualifies residents of Arizona for a $1,000 state tax credit, as well as a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit through the year 2019.
  • Now is the time to speak, and act, for what you believe in. These times when the President of the U.S. is sending an alarming message to the rest of the world are the times when individuals and large corporations alike find the strength to follow their own energy goals. The world is watching!

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