Home design trends

A survey by HomeGoods found that 9% of Americans have not updated their home decor in more than 10 years, and almost half (47%) have not in the last five years. Updating your home design trends can be a huge project and it is often overwhelming to begin. These tips will help you plan and then finally, update your home to your most desired home design trends.

Pick a room to begin with

It is very overwhelming to update the entire house. It is easier to start with just one room. Pick your least favorite room in the house and make this your goal. Consider all of the things that you do not like about the room and the things that you do. Then, begin to look for inspiration on home renovation shows, magazines, and the internet. Create a list and a budget for each part of the room that you intend to renovate. This will give you a good starting point and will help you stay within renovation budget. Home design trends do not have to be expensive if you properly plan for them.

Choose a color or theme

Going with a color or theme can help you create a finished look. Otherwise, you are attempting to furnish the room with items that you hope go together. Base your color or theme choice off of your favorite home design trends. For example, modern looks usually feature neutral colors and clean designs. They might have high end furniture that is made out of leathers in black, white, or grey. According to a recent Houzz decorating survey, only about 2% of people feel they have achieved their ultimate vision for their home. Make sure it is a color or theme that you really enjoy and that you can live in for many years to come.

Wall art can make or break a room

It is never a good idea to buy artwork to simply fill the walls. It will begin to look cluttered and it can create confusion and uneasiness. Instead, only purchase artwork pieces that fit your current theme or color pattern. Also, only purchase artwork that you enjoy looking at. Otherwise, you will feel stressed every time you step foot into this room. In a HomeGoods survey, about 14% of respondents said their home furnishings actually make them feel gloomy and stressed. Give yourself plenty of time to think about a piece of artwork and also consider how it will match to your current furnishings.

Hire a home staging company for recommendations

Home staging companies are often used to stage a house for sale. Home stagers are familiar with the best layouts and design patterns to encourage comfort and to achieve a certain style. If you are still struggling to update the home design, you might find a home staging company to be very valuable. Request specific recommendations from them, such as to where to place furniture pieces and artwork designs. You can also get a better understanding of what home design trends are currently in style, which will help when it comes time to sell your house.

Change out your accessories by seasons

Sometimes, a lack of room enjoyment is simply due to the fact that you are bored. If you see the same furniture and artwork in a room that you spend a lot of time in, you are likely to tire of it. You can solve this problem by changing out accessories, like the table top accessories. You can change them out by season, holiday, or simply whenever you are ready to.

Home design is important to comfort and relaxation within the house. Many Americans, however, are not satisfied with their current home design trends and do not know how to change it. You can easily update your room by creating a budget, working with a home staging company, and designing with a theme or color pattern. It is important to achieve an overall look that fits your personality and design preferences.

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