Brick pavers contractors

During the cold days of winter, you may be dreaming of balmy summer evenings spent relaxing outside with family, friends and perhaps a cold drink. While you are ready for warmer months, is your home ready? If you’re planning on Fourth of July and Memorial Day cookouts or simply grilling up dinner for the kids after work, you should probably consider investing in a deck or patio. It sounds expensive but with a little bit of time and effort, you can easily build DIY brick patios. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Have a plan before you start.

Don’t just dive in without being prepared. Gather up your materials (you’ll need brick pavers, sand, a spade, gravel, etc.) You also want to map out what size you want the patio to be and lay out physical markers on the ground. Keep in mind any furniture that will be on the patio and make proper adjustments to accommodate for those pieces.

Lay your groundwork first.
You can use sand, gravel or some other finely crushed material as the base for brick patios. After digging out your site to a depth of around 8 inches, spread your choice of material evenly with a spade and pack down firmly. A rake can also help to level the sand or gravel.

Ready for the bricks now.

Installing brick pavers isn’t hard but it takes careful planning and execution (see step one above!). Begin at the border and lay the bricks side by side or in a special pattern, whichever you prefer. If any patio pavers won’t fit, you may have to cut them to size. You should use a rubber mallet to lightly tap each brick to set it in place.

Add any finishing touches.

The hard part is done so it’s time to add the final pieces that will take your patio from okay to amazing! You can edge the border with decorative stones, landscape with pretty flowers or bushes or install outdoor lighting. The options are endless and completely up to your personal taste.

Now you’re finally ready to begin enjoying your new outdoor space. Brick patios are a beautiful and functional addition to any home but they also aren’t your only choice. You can also use wood, vinyl or even travertine (a type of limestone). Whatever you decide on, you will cherish for many years to come as you make new memories with your loved ones on your new decking!

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