If you are making renovations to your homes, there are a number of things that you need to do the right away to give your home the appeal you are looking for. Unfortunately for many homeowners, there is a thin line between choosing the right or the wrong hardware for the job. Whether you are buying smaller items such as adjustable shelving hardware, cabinet locks, cabinet pulls, bath hardware, cam connectors, childproof locks or even a semi concealed cabinet hinge, never underestimate the importance of choosing the right hardware. There is a general perception that you need to have some technical skills before choosing interior hardware. However, most renovation projects are DIY kind of projects as long as you have the right material and can follow instructions. Take for example choosing the right cabinet hinge for your project. Do not rush into buying a semi concealed cabinet hinge without having a reason why the semi concealed cabinet hinge is best for the project over the other types. So how do you choose a hinge for your project? Your choice should be guided by functionality, style and the design of the hinge. These three have an overall effect on the appearance of the cabinet or door. Below are some other key factors that you should take into consideration when buying a cabinet or door hinge.

The Type of Cabinet and Door Overlay
The type of cabinet and the door overlay are the two major factors that you should consider when choosing the hinge. There are certain types of cabinets that work well with the semi concealed cabinet hinge while others require other types. The face-frame kind of cabinet have a frame that is approximately 2 inches of solid wood. Hinges are then mounted on the said frame. There are also cabinets that are frameless. They are typically four-sided where the hinges are mounted to the interior of the cabinet. For the door overlay, the concept refers to the door’s positioning. There is a slight difference in how the doors are configured for the frame-faced and the frameless cabinets. Cabinet doors can be described as either having full overlay, half overlay or being inset cabinets. Full overlay doors cover most of the cabinet’s front edge while half overlay doors have a single partition at the middle. This means that the hinges should only account for half of the cabinet’s partition wall.

Other Factors to Consider When Selecting Hinges
Some of the other factors that you should consider is make the decision whether you want the hinge to be visible. You can either choose among exposed hinges, a concealed hinge or a semi concealed cabinet hinge. However, most people prefer a concealed or a semi concealed cabinet hinge since they do not distract you from the aesthetic appeal of the cabinet. A common mistake that people make when buying a hinge is not taking into account how far the door is meant to open. This distance is referred to as the degree of opening. There are some hinges that will only allow the door to open up to a certain degree while others can allow the door to open up to the maximum degree of opening. There are so many other factors that do not play a major role when influencing the decision to buy a certain type of hinge. As long as you understand that the success of your purchase is pegged on whether you have some knowledge about hinges, you will always choose the right hinges for a cabinet door.

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