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A homeowner knows that appliances will sometimes run into problems. One of the most common bathroom emergencies is a clogged toilet. However, there are many situations that can cause a toilet to become clogged. A drain cleaning company can diagnose and fix a wide range of toilet backup causes. In this post, you will learn four common causes of clogged toilets.

  1. Excessive Toilet Paper: Flushing down too much toilet paper is a common call for a clogged drain service. A drain cleaning company will help to ensure you?re the toilet paper build up is taken care of. Preventing further toilet paper related backups can be done by flushing more often. Certain toilets are known as low flow models. Low flow toilets disperse water in a weaker way than newer toilets.
  2. Hard Water Buildup: This kind of water is commonly found in many homes across the United States. Hard water typically leaves build up on pipes and connectors to appliances, like the toilet. Over time, enough build up can occur that will require drain cleaning. It is recommended to have a drain cleaning company assess a hard water buildup problem.
  3. Flushing Non-Disposable Items: There are many products that may seem safe to flush but, in reality, can do major harm to a toilet. It is easy to misunderstand what should and should not be flushed down toilet pipes. Clogged toilets often start from baby wipes, napkins, and paper towels being repeatedly flushed down the toilet. Placing a small trash bin in the bathroom is a great spot for those non-flushable items.
  4. Roots Backing Up: It is recommended to call a company that specializes in sewer line repair. If roots are the issues of clogged pipes, it is wise to call a professional service as soon as possible. Roots will continue to grow into pipes if not properly eliminated. In some situations, it can be tough for you to know if roots are the cause of a clog. A rooter service can easily and accurately determine if roots are blocking the pipes in your home.

In closing, there are many reasons that a toilet can become backed up. Using too much toilet paper is a common cause of clogged pipes. It is recommended to flush more often when in the bathroom which will prevent toilet paper backing up. Hard water can be a cause of a clogged toilet. Another common cause of toilet related problems is flush non-flushable items. Sometimes, a toilet clog is out of the homeowner’s hands. Roots from plants and trees can grow into pipes causing clogs.

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