Residential radon testing services

Local radon testing is done differently all over the world. In certain countries, however, local radon testing is more of a… bath than conventional radar abatement.

According to Pri, tens of thousands of people from Russia travel to a small town in Ukraine every year. The reason is people venture to Ukraine is not for shops or local food; they come there for radon.

The lung cancer-causing gas, radon, is used in Ukraine to treat back injuries, skin issues, infertility, arthritis, and many more medical problems. The form of treatment is even more unconventional. The thousands of people bathe themselves in groundwater that had radon present.

Khmilnyk, the small town in Ukraine, has eight sanatoriums that provide these radon baths to approximately 50,000 people every year.

In the U.S. there are radon testing contractors and radon mitigation services, and in Ukraine, people take radon baths. We truly are worlds apart. But does it work?

“I was paralyzed from the waist down,” said Victor Pedanuk, a 65-year-old economist and radon patient, “I didn’t get up off the bed. I could move my toes but couldn’t stand up. Pedanuk was seriously injured after a horrible car accident. The radon treatment, he said, healed him.

“Here in 10 days, they put me back on my feet,” added Pedanuk.

Radon expands blood vessels in the human body. There are also a few other causes that encourage people to medicate with this otherwise dangerous gas. “It decreases inflammation and lowers pain,” said Aleksandr Fiks, an assistant medical chief at one of the sanatoriums. “It also decreases the inflammation in the nerves, so we can also treat the nervous system.”

For the healing process to begin, the radon must be dissolved into a water supply, and then enter the body and then begins to expand.

However… innovative these methods of treatment are, it’s important to know that exposure to serious levels of radon have much higher risks of potential dangers. Radon should be tested for in your home and wherever you and your family spend a lot of their time.

Some countries look to rid radon from areas with local radon testing. Some, perhaps more riskier countries, enjoy bathing in it.

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