Laminate floor installation

Laminate flooring is becoming a popular choice for new homes and businesses. But with so many flooring options, how do you know if laminate flooring is right for you?

One of the most popular reasons for choosing laminate flooring is that it can be designed to look like wood, stone, or ceramic tile, giving the house a more expensive look at a budget-friendly price.

Laminate flooring is easy to install. Often coming in four foot strips that snap together, laminate flooring can be installed over almost any pre-existing floor, and does not require the use of adhesive. Simply roll down the under layer, and click the strips in place over the top. By contrast, installing carpet or tile flooring can take days to complete. Unlike hardwood floors, which need to be exposed to an environment for several weeks, laminate flooring can be installed almost immediately.

Laminate flooring is easy to clean. Simply sweep, vacuum, or mop to remove dust and dirt particles. The clear wear layer on top of the flooring protects the floor from most stains and spills, so keeping the floor clean from day to day is much easier than other floor options.

Of course, like any other flooring option, laminate flooring is not perfect.
Unlike waterproof linoleum, laminate flooring can be prone to water damage, and so is not ideal for installation in bathrooms, kitchens, or basements. If you are re-flooring any of those areas, you may want to stick with linoleum or tile.

Some homeowners complain that laminate flooring has an unnatural feel to it, and that it is hard to walk on. Adding a padded backing to the flooring does not make it softer, and even textures added by embossing cannot mask the man-made feel of laminate flooring. If you are not worried about people touching your floor with anything but their feet, the unnatural feel may not be a deal breaker, but be sure you will be comfortable with the level of yield the floor does or does not have.

While laminate flooring can be durable when compared to other floors, it is important to remember that the wear layer on top will not last forever. Scratches and dents in the wear layer may necessitate the replacement of a plank or two, and, after several years, the entire floor may become too scratched and need to be replaced.

When replacing any floor, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each flooring option to find the one that fits your lifestyle best. If you find that it is sounding like it could be a good fit, laminate flooring can be an attractive and cost-effective solution. Read this website for more information.

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