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It is not uncommon to feel a drop of water hit the top of your head or splash into your morning coffee when walking down the streets of NYC or any other big city, even when the sun is out. But no, renegade rain drops are not chasing you around. Instead, you’re probably getting dripped on by window air conditioner units that have condensed water vapor leaking from them. For the most part, that water is no different than rain, even though it might be more surprising. Concerned home or apartment owners who don’t want to ruin their neighbors’ hair — or coffee — might want to install central air conditioning units to help remedy that problem. But that is hardly the only reason to upgrade to central air conditioning systems.

Peace and Quiet

Window AC units that have to work hard to pump cool air into can be loud and make it tough to get to sleep at night or just relax during the day. On the flip side, central air runs quietly and smoothly and doesn’t make any more noise than your furnace. So it is the more peaceful alternative for staying cool throughout the hot summer months.

No Ugly Equipment in Your Windows

Having single AC units in your windows means that the sun will be at least partially blocked at all times and you can’t open the window for a bit of fresh air. Plus, they are generally big, blocky, square, and ugly. The compressor can be hidden away in an obscure place outdoors, and you can cool your home without having to look at any ugly equipment by switching to central air conditioning.

Increased Control

Central air is controlled by a thermostat, rather than just a low-medium-high knob. Without a thermostat, it can be tough to get a room to proper temperature, and you might wake up in the morning freezing after a warm night. Though there have been advancements in window AC units that allow many of them to have a thermostat of their own or run on a timer, central units are still more effective for consistent comfort.

Greater Efficiency

The best way to efficiently cool a house without jacking up utility bills is using central air conditioning. Not only are they cheaper to run than the several window units that would be needed to cool an entire home, but new EnergyStar certified systems use far less energy than their predecessors. So if you want to Go Green, cut costs, and stay cool, contemporary central AC systems are the best choice.

Switching to central air isn’t perfect for everyone, especially if you don’t mind the heat and enjoy putting a fan in the window or using other home remedies to stay cool. However, it is the best way to fight back against the sweltering heat day in and day out during the summer months. See this link for more references. See this link for more references.

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