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Decks and patios add value to many homes. They are also a big business in the United States where nearly 130,000 people work constructing decks and patios.  It is estimated that adding a deck to a home can provide a 72% return on investment.  Not bad!

The word patio is Spanish and means “courtyard.”   Patio design comes in all shapes and colors.  They are very versatile and can be made to match any taste. There are also a variety of materials that can be used to create whatever look a homeowner is looking for.  A patio that has a deep base of at least eight to 12 inches can look like new for years adding a lot of value to a home.

The Six Most Popular Patio and Deck Materials

  1. Brick:  Brick patios are very popular.  The bricks used in patio design are less porous than the ones used in home construction because they are specially fired.  They also come in different colors so nice brick patio designs can be created using color to make a pattern like herringbone.  Some people alternate the bricks at a 90 degree angle or arrange them in a pinwheel.  This is a versatile materials that offers a wide range of options.
  2. Stone:  The stone patio is very durable.  It also makes for a great addition to a garden type of patio design because of it natural coloring.  Common stones used are slate, bluestone and limestone.  One type of limestone is travertine.  It is formed in hot mineral springs. If offers a variety of colors such as white, tan, brown, cream, and gold.  It can be made to look very rustic for a natural look.
  3. Concrete pavers:  They can be made to look like brick or stone but cost a lot less.  They are made up of individual pieces that interlock so if one breaks, it can be replaced and they are less likely than some materials to shift.  They do offer a little less versatility in the patio design patterns they can make.
  4. Poured concrete:  Combine cement, gravel and sand with water and this is what you have.  You can form it into many different shapes so there is a ton of versatility in terms of shaping patio.
  5. Tile:  Tiles can make very pretty patios and come in a wide variety of styles, colors and shapes. They can make the transition from the indoors to outdoors seamless as they can even be the same tiles used in the house.
  6. Rocks, pea gravel and pebbles:  These provide a lot of versatility as they can be poured in almost any configuration and come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes.


Most decks are made out of wood, a wood composite or vinyl.  One benefit to vinyl and composite wood is that is doesn’t splinter like wood and doesn’t need the pressure-treating that is recommended for wood decks.  If a homeowner does go the wood route, pressure-treating is very cost effective and will last for about 15 years. Popular woods are redwood, cedar and pressure-treated pine.  For pool decks or patios consideration needs to be given to the impact the water will have on whatever material is selected.  Natural stone is a nice choice but it will need to sealed and/or replaced often.  Wood is also an option but it will also require a sealant.  In terms of above ground pool decks, a deck around the pool can really make a big difference in the appearance of the pool.  These pools are less expensive to install but don’t have to look cheap with the addition of a great deck.

Decks and patios are truly great additions to any house.  They add space for entertaining and value to the home.  

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