Every house has a roof on it, and roofs are large pieces of hardware that will keep out the elements such as rain and snow, strong sunlight, and wind. That, and a good roof will also be a critical part of maintaining the house’s climate control. Modern houses are heated and cooled to keep a comfortable temperature inside, and insulation in the walls and roof will help prevent that cool or warm air from leaking right back out. Many roofs on American houses today are the asphalt shingle type, but metal roofs have proven popular as well, and interested homeowners may note some advantages that metal roofs offer over shingle ones. These homeowners may get a new roof like this when they reach out to a contractor and have a metal roof installed. What can metal roofing offer over asphalt shingle roofs, and when is it most cost-effective to have them installed?

Roofing Materials

An asphalt shingle roof is tough, but it may form some cracks and holes over time that allow rain water and melting snow to leak into the house. That, and the shingles may fall off or rot. Homeowners will soon notice if their shingle roof is in bad shape, such as water leaking into the house and wreaking havoc. Roof repair contractors can be hired to repair such a roof, but in other cases, a homeowner would rather have metal roofing installed.

Metal roofing is a fine option, for example, if a house’s current roof is very worn out, and repairing it would be more expensive than it’s worth. Major repair jobs on an asphalt shingle roof can be avoided when the homeowner asks roofing contractors to remove the roof entirely and install metal roofing in its place. Metal roofing contractors may be found across the United States, and they may have their own websites with videos and articles showcasing their work. An interested homeowner may use an online search query such as “metal roofing companies in Colorado” or “available metal roofing crews Boston MA” and find something local. If need be, the homeowner may even enter their ZIP code to further refine the search. What might they find?

What Metal Roofing Can Offer

There are some distinct advantages to having a metal roof installed on one’s house. For one thing, these roofs are quite durable, since they are made of metal. A typical metal roof may last three to seven times longer than an asphalt shingle roof will, often lasting around 50 years. Better yet, some metal roofs have a tough alloy coating their metal body, allowing them to last an impressive 100 years. This allows not only a homeowner to enjoy their metal roof, but the next one will too, and even the one after that in some cases. This makes metal roofing a solid long-term investment in many cases, and the homeowner won’t have to hire repair crews for shingle repair or replacement. What is more, these metal roofs are made from 30-60% recycled material, and they are 100$% recyclable when their lifetime is over. This makes them highly resource efficient.

It may also be noted that metal roofs tend to be less expensive to install on a house than shingle roofs are, often costing 25-30% less to install in many cases. On top of that, metal roofs are effective for maintaining insulation in the house, and that helps ease the strain on the heating and air conditioning utilities. All of these factors means that a metal roof is highly cost-efficient to install and keep on the house, and many homeowners are bound to appreciate that. On an aesthetic level, these roofs may come in an impressive range of colors, nearly 100 of them, giving homeowners many choices on what their new metal roofing will look like. This is certainly wider than the color palette for shingle roofs.

When is it time for metal roofing? A brand-new house with a shingle roof might not have dire need for a metal replacement, but a home buyer who just bought a very old house may look into metal roof installation. The house’s old shingle roof would probably cost a lot to fix, but a metal roof may be more cost-effective both in the short and long term.

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