With costs rising in all areas, home owners are frequently looking for ways to reduce their monthly expenses, and utility costs are one of the most obvious variables to consider.

While most new homes are being built with energy efficiency in mind, homes that are already built may be harder to work with. Making your home more energy efficient will reduce your monthly heating and cooling costs by making your home better able to maintain it’s own temperature.

Some of the things you can do include replacing old windows and doors. If you cannot replace them, take the time to make sure they are fully sealed and insulated. This will prevent air from escaping, which will help to maintain the temperature.

You can also have a test conducted to examine where heat is being lost throughout our home.You find you need a new roof or more insulation in your crawl spaces. Even small steps taken towards reducing energy loss will positively impact your monthly energy bills.

Another area to look at are your HVAC systems. Heating and cooling are the most expensive monthly utility expenses. An older HVAC system that is running inefficiently will run longer than necessarily without maintaining the appropriate temperature. This will cost more money over the short and long term.

An inefficiently running system will also cause the furnace and air conditioner to age prematurely leading to a costly replacement bill when a little preventative maintenance could have saved money on monthly energy costs while lengthening the life of the units themselves.

You can accomplish a few things by hiring an HVAC contractor. First, your HVAC contractor can provide preventative maintenance including filter replacement and cleaning out the systems. This will improve their short and long-term efficiency. Your contractor can also spot current or potential problems that when addressed early can prevent you from facing a costly emergency visit from the same HVAC contractor.

Your HVAC contractor can also give you information on upgraded systems that can provide you with a highly energy efficient home. This may include better or more insulated duct work for your home, an upgraded furnace, or a newer air conditioner than can run at an increased capacity while using less energy overall.

There are many options. Your contractor can also provide recommendations for other contractors if they discover the real problem is in another area of your house such as insulation, bad windows, or a hot water heater. There are many ways you may be wasting energy and subsequently money on your monthly utility bills.

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