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Your fence is what sets your property apart from the others — quite literally. But there’s much more to a great fence than just delineating a property line. The right materials can play a huge role in defining the style and overall aesthetic of your home, while protecting your property from intruders and providing a safe place for kids and pets to play. And nothing does all of those things better than wrought iron fences and gates.

Curb Appeal. Wrought iron fences and gates have been around for centuries — and with good reason. The style is simple but timeless, elegant but direct, individual without being complicated. And modern takes on this old classic can provide homeowners with even more options for “classing up” their boring old chain link or wooden fences.

Practical Security — From Both Sides. Custom fences in any one of the many wrought iron fence styles not only look strong and secure — they are strong and secure. For children and pets, they’re a great alternative to wooden fences (with nasty splinters) or chain link fences (which can be climbed by intrepid toddlers). From the street side, wrought iron fences and gates topped with spearheads or “points” provide ample security, no matter what the height of the fence.

Carefree Maintenance. Every custom fence company knows that one of the biggest selling points of any fence is how easily it can be cleaned and maintained — and wrought iron fences and gates are some of the easiest. A little soap and water can keep them clean and shining, and a little bit of marine wax or automobile wax can keep rust and corrosion at bay for decades to come.

Stop by your nearest residential fence company to check out the latest styles of wrought iron fences and gates, and see what a touch of old-school class can do for your property. Continue.

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