From the blower truck to mulch home delivery to, finally, mulch installation, professional landscaping services can provide an array of different services and products to the typical home or public space that is looking to be upgraded in some way. And, at least in part due to this, the world of landscaping is one that is very much thriving here in the United States. In fact, about seventy seven billion dollars of annual revenue is generated from the landscaping industry over the course of a single year alone, and with an annual growth rate of three and a half percent, this amount is only expected to climb and climb in the years that are to come.

And the success of the landscaping industry as a whole has led to a great deal of job creation and job stability throughout it. In fact, there are currently up to one million people who are employed in it, and these employees are spread out throughout as many as five hundred thousand landscaping companies and places of business all throughout the country. For the people who work for these landscaping companies, it is the success of the landscaping industry that has allowed them to thrive and make a sustainable income over a period of time.

And the landscaping industry can serve many purposes throughout the United States. For instance, a blower truck and barkdust application can be great for maintaining public spaces like playgrounds. Mulch or barkdust is even often applied beneath playground equipment, as this provides a relatively soft and safe surface to land upon in the case of any falls that occur from the children who play there. And a blower truck can be used to keep away any debris that should not be present at the typical playground, though it should be noted that the blower truck should be used with care, so as much to blow away the mulch or the barkdust, which should be ideally applied in a layer that is twelve inches thick for optimal safety in use.

Of course, playgrounds require a great deal of care and maintenance aside from just the use of a blower truck. For instance, the mulch must be kept up and replenished every once in a while, typically through the use of a mulch calculator. The playground equipment itself must also be kept in good condition, as well as ultimately replaced when the time comes to do so. This is typically recommended after about ten years of usage, though it can sometimes be after as few as seven years of usage.

Landscaping services are also, of course, ideal to the private home as well. Mulch can be readily used in flower beds and even in vegetable gardens and can provide not only nutrients to the soil and, then subsequently, to the plants, but can provide a polished look as well. On top of this, the hiring of a blower truck can help to clear away anything that is unwanted – for many home owners, the use of a blower truck is particularly ideal during the fall months, when the ground becomes littered with leaves of all varieties.’

Planting various trees and other types of plants can be another way to improve the quality of any given outdoor space, and trees in particular have a number of other benefits as well. For instance, trees can actually cool your house down and lower your energy bills by at least ten percent during the summer months, as can provide a great deal of shade once they grow large enough. Trees also help to protect your privacy too, providing you with a shelter from the outside world. In many cases, if the trees are dense enough, the presence of trees can even help to effectively block out sound.

Landscaping is important and just about anyone with a yard – or who frequents a public park – will be able to tell you. Landscaping can change the whole look of any given outdoor space, making it so much more exciting in a relatively simple way. In the case of playgrounds, landscaping can help to improve safety.

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