As more buildings and homes are created, it is our duty to find ways to make them more environmentally friendly. Utilizing green building materials is a great way to look after our planet without having to stop building altogether. There are plenty of options available to create more eco friendly homes and buildings; construction companies just need to make the switch. Let’s take a look at some of the construction materials that can be used to create a healthier Earth.


Bamboo is incredibly useful and completely natural. It can be utilized for a variety of construction uses and is a highly renewable source. Bamboo flooring and wall panels look beautiful while being an eco friendly choice, which makes them one of the best construction materials around. You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics or quality to make this switch.

Hemp Concrete

Another natural and highly renewable building material is hemp concrete. It can be used in the process of creating flooring and walls as well as for insulation. It is not as strong as regular concrete though and does require special reinforcement when used for anything other than insulation.

Recycled Steel

A durable and recyclable choice is recycled steel. This is a great option because it reuses old building materials and is capable of recycled again in the future. This helps to reduce waste without giving up quality and strength.

Eco Friendly Paint

Part of creating a new home or building is painting it. We now have the option to choose paints that have little to no VOCs in them and are better for the air. There are also organic paint options that are free of harsh chemicals. Both work perfectly well and come in a variety of colors.

Soy Sealants

Sealants tend to have harsh chemicals in them that aren’t the best for the earth. Instead of using these, it is possible to utilize a soy-based sealant instead. These are much better for environment and still get the job done.

Creating a more eco friendly world is possible when we utilize green building materials. We can work together with the planet to create things that are not dangerous for the earth, but that are still well made and useful to us.

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