Perforated spiral duct

Perforated spiral ducts are showing up more and more as both a practical and yet decorative ventilation option. The interior design trend of open plans that emphasize an “unfinished” look allows oval ductwork to add to the room’s ambience. But perforated spiral ducts are not just for looks. Oval spiral ducts actually provide a few key advantages over other forms of duct fabrication options.

For years, rectangular ducts of all sizes were all that was used for HVAC in both residential homes and commercial buildings. Flash forward to today, and many builders are finding that perforated spinal ducts have some clear advantages over their rectangular counterparts. These differences are not simply visual appeal, but practical application.

First, consider basic geometry: a square has a larger surface area than a circle. Translate that fact to duct work, and you’ll find that a spiral duct needs less reinforcement at the joints, about 3 inches less actually. This becomes an important consideration when space is limited. The building’s designer may prefer to not have the ductwork look too cluttered, if the ducts are meant to be partially decorative.

The benefits of an oval spiral duct over a rectangular duct are not solely about appearances. Perforated spinal ducts have been shown to lower heating and cooling costs due to higher energy efficiency. This is caused by efficient airflow that reduces friction as well as noise pollution, factors that are appreciated by businesses.

Once installed, a duct can accumulate buildup, which can decrease efficiency by as much as 42%. That will show up as an increase on the building’s utility bill, as well as possibly more noise and dust. The pressure of the airflow can be measured to within about 7% accuracy, with options such as the new flow plate or other tried-and-true methods.

As every building will rely on ducts for heating and cooling needs, it seems neither the rectangular duct nor the newer perforated spiral duct are going anywhere. While either will do most jobs, there are some clear advantages to using the oval duct. These include taking up less space due to a decrease in surface area; efficient airflow and reduced friction that results in improved energy efficiency; and a reduction in overall noise pollution. It is also true that a floor plan that makes use of the exposed silver of the ducts has also become popular. For whichever reason you might choose, oval ducts present a good solution to your HVAC needs.

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