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Across the country, the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning business helps to keep millions of Americans comfortable throughout the year. The United States HVAC industry helps to generate an estimated $71 billion in revenue each year; from 2009 to 2014 the HVAC industry grew by approximately 4.1% annually, making it one of the fastest growing industries of the 21st century. The HVAC industry also helps provide around 301,123 jobs across 85,469 businesses across the country. With so many HVAC certified technicians around the country, it is easy to find heating and air conditioning contractors to help keep your household comfortable all year-round.

Increased Energy Savings

Due to inflation, it seems that just about everything is getting more expensive, including heating and cooling costs. There are a number of steps any homeowner can take to decrease their energy consumption without having to compromise their own comfort. By ensuring that homeowner’s attics are properly ventilated, households can reduce their energy bills by 10-12% on average. Installing a programmable thermostat allows homeowners to have a greater range of control over the climate of their home; this can help to save an estimated $180 per year in energy costs. Even more advanced models of thermostats are Bluetooth compatible with a number of apps designed to give the homeowner full control at the push of a button.

The Importance of Proper HVAC System Maintenance

Finding trustworthy, reliable heating and air conditioning technicians is essential to save money and cut down on costly repairs. An improperly installed HVAC unit can increase energy costs by as much as 30%. Properly maintaining your HVAC units is crucial to getting the most out of their service lives; a new HVAC unit ought to have a lifespan between 12 and 15 years if properly maintained. Homeowners ought to change out their filters every three months to avoid allergens, dust, and accumulated dirt that may continue to circulate around your home. Don’t leave your comfort to chance, count on reliable heating and air conditioning technicians to get the job done right the first time!

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