Luxury new homes

Demand to build modern luxury homes is on the rise these days, and many home owners are demanding custom features that, only ten years ago, were either not in fashion or did not exist altogether. Home buyers who are planning custom home designs for a brand new house or condo often cite energy efficiency, an open layout, a warranty, and specific appliances.

But what makes the luxury homes for sale modern-looking? Here are ten custom home designs to consider when building or purchasing your new home.

  1. Functionality: Modern architecture will not look anything like the cookie-cutter designs that existed before this modern movement. Instead, custom home builders strive to create homes that are unique and out of the ordinary. These luxury homes will keep function in mind before form.
  2. Simplicity: Taking after the minimalist movement, custom home designs are now free of clutter and unnecessary aspects. No, only features that are absolutely necessary for the functionality of the home are included, which ultimately leaves room to splurge on better materials.
  3. Exposed: Ever see those modern buildings that reveal the ceiling piping? A custom home builder is more than willing to build your luxury home with the same idea in mind. Nothing is concealed in the modern home; materials are often shown in their natural form.
  4. Straight lines: It is all about the bold horizontal and vertical features of a house these days. Think about massive beams supporting a high vaulted ceiling, or windows with bold frames. More traditional homes will feature curved, soft lines instead.
  5. Bold roofs: Custom floor plans for homes aren’t the only things to keep in mind — modern homes have bold horizontal roof lines. Many luxury homes will often have roof lines coming together at different angles to create a sense of movement while showing off the complexity of the design.
  6. Custom windows: For traditional homes, windows function solely to bring in light and circulate air. However, custom home designs these days feature floor-to-ceiling windows and plenty of sliding doors as focal features for aesthetic purposes.
  7. Open floor plan: Custom floor plans for homes today are very open in order to make homes more suitable for gatherings. An open floor plan will also give the home owner the feeling that they have more square footage than actually exists.
  8. Post-and-Beam: Forget the interior support walls that make a house feel closed off. Instead, luxury homes feature post and beam architecture to make the rooms feel more spacious and allow for better air circulation.
  9. Outdoor design: Custom home builders want to bring the outdoors in by creating rooms that easily flow from the inside environment to the outdoors by using building materials such as glass and steel. Modern architecture will keep in mind the layout of the land when designing the home.
  10. Materials: Modern homes will feature a blend of materials, such as wood, glass, and stone. New technologies are also very popular; 55% of those who purchased or build a certified green home knew their home may have cost more than a non-green home, but believe the benefits outweighed the cost.

With new home sales expecting to climb 29% to 557,000 this year, you may want to consider a few of these custom home designs when building or purchasing your next luxury dream home. Continue.

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