Sewer repair

Our sewer pipes run below the surface, and because of this, many homeowners tend to forget that they require maintenance just like other utility systems in the home. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes an emergency to make a homeowner aware of their sewer’s maintenance needs. At that point, it becomes a costly and inconvenient endeavor, requiring sewer system repair or replacement. But luckily, trenchless technology helps to repair sewer systems easily and effectively.

Trenchless what? I’m sorry, can you repeat that?
Yep, trenchless sewer repair. While it may still be a foreign concept to most homeowners, trenchless technology is becoming an increasingly common and popular way to repair sewage systems. This method only came to the residential scene 10 to 15 years ago, but has since become the preferred method for all who employ it. Trenchless technology enables pipe repair with little to no invasive damage to a home’s lawn or landscape design. Instead, the work is done underground exclusively within your pipes, leaving the lawn relatively unscathed.

That sounds pretty cool…but how does it work?
The trenchless technique works by placing new resin pipes within the infrastructure of old damaged pipes. In the industry, it is typically referred to as a “pipe-within-a-pipe” model. There are many factors that can damage your pipes, but two of the most prevalent factors are age and weather. Old pipes have a tendency to corrode and crack. Similarly, when the weather is cold, pipes are prone to freezing and breaking, causing often irreparable bursts.The trenchless pipe lining approach seals up said imperfections and cracks in the least invasive way possible.
And in order to inspect a homeowner’s pipes, plumbers typically do sewer inspection via a sewer camera inserted into the drain itself. If done on a regular basis, this kind of sewer inspection has the capability of saving you and your wallet from costly repairs.
Oh, okay. I think I get it. What’s next?
Now that you know the ins and outs of trenchless sewer repair, don’t forget to be diligent with maintaining your sewer. And if you run into any problems, remember that trenchless sewer repair is the way to go!

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