Basement sealing companies

Basements are often associated with creepy, leaky, haunted feelings. But they don’t have to be! A finished basement can be a space for relaxation, family time, friends, parties, and sleepovers. It can be a great addition to your home, not only adding space, but adding property value. Before you consider finishing your basement, however, you need to take the necessary measures and precautions to make sure your underground getaway doesn’t become a swimming pool!

Out of every home with a basement, nearly 98% will experience some form of water damage. Whether it’s a leak from the ceiling or a flood from windows or a broken pump, your basement is at risk for water damage. Water proofing basements is a relatively simple solution, but it has to be done as a preventative measure, and not as an afterthought to serious water damage. Foundation sealing is probably the most common method of water proofing basements. Your foundation should be solid anyway, but time, erosion, and water are all factors that can eat away at the foundation of your home. If your home has cracks in its foundation that are wider than one fourth of an inch, immediate measures should be taken to fix it. Regular inspections and foundation repairs can help locate damage and prevent more cracks.

However, in the case that your basement does experience water damage, or a flood, there are a few measures that you can take to prevent further damage from occurring. After any sort of flooding, all organic and fabric items should be immediately removed and dried to prevent any mold growth. If an item isn’t dried completely within 48 hours, it should be disposed of to prevent the spread of mold. In addition, any carpeting affected by water damage should be removed and replaced as soon as possible. To prevent further damage, make sure to perform regular maintenance checks on your sump pump, as well as provide a backup power source in case of an outage.

Basement waterproofing is an important step in making your home as safe and warm as possible. Make sure your basement windows are secure and there are no cracks in your foundation, and make your basement a place worth spending time in!

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