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Most people take having a roof over their head for granted. But if you own your own home or commercial property, then you can’t afford to ignore your roof repair needs. And just because you don’t have any obvious problems like leaks doesn’t mean you don’t need professional roofing contractors to inspect your property. If you put off roofing solutions for too long, it could cost you far, far more a year from now than roof repair would cost you today.

So what are the risks of taking your roof for granted? Any commercial or residential roofing contractors will tell you the same thing, even the best roofing materials won’t last forever. And if your roof was poorly installed in the first place, then it could fail much sooner than you expected. The most common material installed by residential roofing contractors in decades past — asphalt shingles — only last for 15 to 20 years, usually less. On commercial buildings, the once standard tar-and-gravel bitumen roofing popular decades ago are failing left and right, often causing extensive damage to the building in the process.

And if you roof fails, you could end up with hugely expensive water damage. Then, not only will you be booking roofing contractors to provide an emergency roof replacement, you’ll also be paying for costly general contracting services to fix mold and water damage issues.

Plus, there are more benefits to roof replacement. Even though asphalt shingles and tar-and-gravel roofing materials are still used today, roofing contractors have begun using a wide range of new roofing solutions. New “cool roofs” offer better insulation, which can dramatically lower your heating and cooling costs over the long term. Plus, new roofing materials are often much more reliable than the shingles currently covering your building. And with many roofing contractors offering warranties on roof replacements, it makes financial sense to invest in roof repair before disaster strikes.

So if you live in an aging home or own a commercial building, don’t forget to book contractors to inspect your roof for signs of damage. Procrastinate at your own risk!

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