French doors with screens

For many homeowners, window and door screens are simply an easy way to get fresh air without worrying about bugs, animals, and unwanted people coming inside. Custom retractable screen doors and retractable screens for windows are low-maintenance and easy to install, making them an excellent upgrade to existing homes. Of course, once you have installed new retractable screens, you are often left with the old screens. While you could send them out for recycling, you may want to consider reusing them right in your own home.

If you have four screens of the same or similar size, you might consider making a new clothes hamper. Simply attach the screens to one another to create four walls, and add a plank or a fifth, smaller screen for the bottom. The screen mesh will allow air to flow through the hamper, reducing mildew and other unpleasant odors. Just make sure you clean the screens first so they don’t get your clothes dirty!

If your screens are smaller, try painting the frames and attaching a ribbon or other hanging apparatus. With a little decoration, the screen can become a convenient earring organizer. Adding small hooks, pegs, or clips to the bottom will expand its usefulness to include necklaces and bracelets, as well.

Already have a hamper and a jewelry organizer that you love? Do you prefer a rustic look to your interior decor? Why not make a memo board out of old frames? Attaching the front of a picture frame to the screen can add personality and show creativity. You can use magnets to attach notes and photos to the screen, or simply make magnets out of photos to attach the notes. For variety, try attaching a few of the notes with straight pins.

These are only a few of the many things you can make with old screens. Even if you aren’t replacing screens in your house, you can find old screens for all your crafting needs at garage sales and in thrift stores. Leave your favorite screen craft in the comments!

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