Emergency repairs

WINTER IS COMING. Is your home ready? Most people put off plumbing repairs until they develop into a household emergency. Regular plumbing maintenance can not only save you money, but also protect your home, your possessions, and your loved ones.

If you are on the fence about scheduling plumbing repairs or regular plumbing maintenance, then check out these facts below:

  • Each winter, pipes freeze and cause damage to 1 in every 4 American homes. These emergency plumbing repairs can be costly, not only in terms of the plumbing repair, but also in other damage caused to the home. A crack in a pipe just three millimeters across can release over 250 gallons over water in a single day, which can cause catastrophic damage to your home and possessions. These leaks are the 2nd most common cause of property damage in American homes.

  • American cities average around 700 water breaks every day, many of which are the result of improper upkeep of simple plumbing repairs. In most plumbing systems, up to 1/3 of pipes can be up to 80 years old! Even if your pipes are only 40 years old, chances are they need replacing.

  • The American Water Works Association reports that the average American home uses between 180 and 250 gallons a day, but 14% of that is lost due to drain leaks and improper plumbing repairs. Regular maintenance and plumbing repairs can save homeowners up to 10% on their water bills each month.

Still not convinced about the necessity of regular plumbing maintenance? You might want to call a commercial plumbing repair service and schedule a plumbing diagnosis. Trained plumbing consultants can diagnose your system and inform you of any plumbing repairs your home might need.

Don’t wait until it?s too late! With temperatures dropping, your home’s plumbing is at risk. Schedule those plumbing repairs and diagnoses today.

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