You see your house every day. This makes it easy to overlook the problems that may jump out to potential buyers. Before you list your home on the market, consider making the following adjustments.

1. Paint It

When you live in your house for a reasonable amount of time, it’s common for the walls to fade. This is why painting your home is a necessity. It enhances the aesthetics of your home and makes it stand out from the other properties on the market. It can even help minimize the time your house spends on the market. It’s also important to pay special attention to doors, walls, and baseboards. These places are often overlooked but they attract a lot of smudges.

2. Wash Your Windows

Another part of the home we overlook is the windows. Just like replacing the windshield in your vehicle makes it seem like you’re driving a new car, the same thing applies to the windows in your home. Windows help bring natural light to your space. They also give buyers a chance to take in the views the property offers.

3. Enhance or Upgrade Your Cabinets

Chances are the largest items in your kitchen are the cabinets. So when you refresh them in any way, it immediately updates the space. There are several simple options to upgrade your cabinets, like sanding or painting them. You can also replace the drawers and doors. If you’re looking for something more budget-friendly, you can add some new hardware to update your look. Simply repainting the fronts of the cabinets and replacing the hardware can give the kitchen a new look with no real construction. If your cabinet style is a little outdated, you might also want to consider replacing the fronts. This is a lot more cost-effective than building brand-new cabinets.

4. Make Sure There Aren’t Any Hazards

An uneven driveway isn’t just an eyesore, it’s a safety hazard as well. You don’t want potential buyers to fall when they’re coming to see your house. If there are only minor imperfections to correct, try repairing the cracks yourself. However, if there are large problems, it’s recommended you contact a professional driveway paving contractor.

5. Fix Your Fences

Your fencing adds value to your property. So, if your chain-link or wood fence needs a little care, be sure to repair it before trying to sell your home. It may also be necessary to work with a contractor if the repairs are major. In the end, any money that you spend on these repairs will be worth it because they increase your home’s value.

6. Repair Your Roof

Few things make buying a home scarier than a leaky roof. So make sure you call a roofing company to take care of any repairs before selling your home. If your roof needs a lot of work, the buyers might want to negotiate a lower price.

7. Real Estate Lawyer

It’s always a good idea to get a second opinion when you’re trying to sell your house. Many people work with the same lawyer they did on an earlier deal or they use someone that their relative or friend recommends. No matter the route you choose to take, make sure you talk to others who worked with the real estate lawyer beforehand. You should also head online to look for any reviews. What you find might surprise you.

8. Call a Plumber

When you’re getting your house ready to sell, it’s important to have your plumber on speed dial. He or she will make sure that everything that needs fixing, like running toilets or leaky faucets, gets handled before you list your home. Taking this step will make buyers think that your home is well-maintained, which may help it sell faster.

9. Cooling or Heating Repair

Did you know that most homes on the market are around 20-50 years old? If you live in a home like this and it still has the original HVAC system, it’s probably time to repair or replace it. What you choose comes down to several factors. But whatever you decide, keep this in mind. Those who replace their HVAC system before selling their home can recoup up to 85% of the cost. Whether it’s cooling or heating repair, make sure this is a top priority.

10. Fix Your Foundation

When your home has a poor foundation, it can take away anywhere from 10 to 20% of the total value of your home. Before you list your home, you must take advantage of foundation companies. A good one will assess the strength of your foundation and provide any necessary recommendations.

11. Declutter Your Home

When it comes to enticing buyers to consider your home, less is more. Do a clean sweep of tables, window sills, counters, and all other visible areas. Since virtually nothing is off-limits to curious buyers, tackle the stuff behind closed doors, like cupboards, drawers, and closets, as well. Taking this step will increase your home’s appeal to buyers. It also helps you once you accept an offer. If you already put your stuff away, it makes it a lot easier to move out.

12. Depersonalize the Space

When you stage a home right, buyers can visualize themselves and their loved ones living on the property. A good way to do that is by removing any distractions. These include pieces like bold artwork and furniture. These little hints of your personality might make your home less appealing to the typical buyer. The goal here is to create a blank canvas so your buyers can project their visions of living in your home onto it.

13. Use an Electrician

Staging your home is a good way to show off its potential to buyers. Let’s say your living room doesn’t have good lighting and you’re using lamps in your home. If this is the case, consider hiring an electrician. He or she can do the proper electrical work to the room wire safely and you can add some trendy light fixtures.

14. Rearrange Your Furniture

Before you sell your house, make sure your furniture is in the places that make the most sense for your family. But when you’re staging your home to sell, it’s possible to use your furniture as a marketing tool. That is, you use their placement to inspire pleasurable vignettes in the minds of buyers. Some actions to take involve removing any furniture away from the walls. You may also want to pull the chairs close to simulate a conversation area. You may also want to consider removing some furniture. This makes it easier for people to walk around the rooms.

15. Get a Home Inspection

Most interested buyers will hire a home inspector before making the final decision about buying your property. However, if you take this step beforehand, it’ll give you information about any potential issues that may come up during the sale. This is valuable information that gives you a chance to fix any issues before you even put your home on the market. The bathroom is often a highlight of a house. So when you’re putting your home on the market, do what you can to make it shine. For instance, a great bath is the perfect place for a potential buyer to unwind after a long day at work. Do what you can to make your bathroom feel like a spa.

16. Prep Your Paperwork

When you do your preparations beforehand, it’s easier to sell your house. With that, don’t forget to have all the paperwork organized. Some of the paperwork your seller will need includes deeds and homeowner’s insurance information. They might also need appliance warranties, property tax statements, purchase reports, title reports, and any other information involving the property.

Most buyers start their search online and pictures aren’t always enough. The more of your property they can see, the better it is for you. A professional photographer gives you more options. For instance, a video walkthrough can give buyers a sense of the flow of the house. Aerial photography can help as well because it can highlight your property and the surrounding areas as well. It’s able to give buyers a full view of your property.

17. Refresh your furniture

Dust collects everywhere. But, during normal cleanings, it’s easy to forget about high places like mantels and shelves. The issue is, buyers may not be as forgiving as you are. So when you’re cleaning, don’t forget the high places and pay attention to the corners of your rooms. Use a broom to knock down any spider webs. Your ceiling fans also attract dust. So invest in an extra-long ceiling fan duster. Make sure that the fan blades are completely dust-free. Another item that likes to collect dust or your blinds. So make sure you keep them clean as well.

If you have old furniture, you don’t have to throw it out and buy new stuff. Simply take a couple of days to add a fresh coat of paint to make them look brand new. Not only will it freshen up your area, but it’ll also make it look a lot better.

18. The Kitchen

A smart way to update an old kitchen is by adding a new backsplash. This item is often overlooked but it can be an impactful part of the design palette of your kitchen. The average backsplash is about 30 square feet. Adding a new one provides a huge aesthetic upgrade to an older kitchen. The main purpose of your backsplash is to protect your walls from grease and other things while cooking. But you can have fun with it as well. Putting tiles with unexpected patterns and contrasting grout colors is a great way to update them.

19. Do a Smell Test

If you have pets or are a smoker, it’s easy to become nose blind to these odors. But foul odors, even small ones, can be a deal-breaker for new buyers. It’s hard for you to tell if your home has funny orders, so consider inviting an unbiased third party to detect any smells or lingering odors in your house. If he or she finds any, do some deep cleaning to get rid of the smells. Using techniques like plug-in deodorizers or candles is not a good idea. These methods simply cover up the odors with a stronger scent. This will backfire if the buyer doesn’t like the smell of artificial citrus or lavender.

20. Hire a Tree Service

A big part of curb appeal is the greenery your home has around it. Trees not only beautify the exterior aesthetic of your home, but they also help increase its value as they grow. Consider hiring a tree service company to add trees to your property or to prune any that you have.

Going green is always a good idea when staging inside your home as well. Plants create a more welcoming, friendly environment. Consider putting a bouquet of flowers or a bowl of fruit on a dining table or kitchen counter. These little touches will impress buyers and bring some extra life and color to your decor.

There are a lot of things you have to do to prepare your house for sale. This makes it easy to get overwhelmed. However, the tips in this guide are invaluable. When you take heed of them, you can breathe easier knowing that you’re giving your property a fighting chance on the market.

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