Packing and moving services

Moving is dreaded like going to the dentist. But it doesn’t have to be an awful experience, and some simple, easy moving tips can help. Shopping for moving companies can test your patience, but it’s often worth the hassle since all the awful labor is in someone else’s hands. You’ve got enough to worry about with unpacking, getting settled, etc. Here are some general moving organization tips to help you get through, and maybe even save a few dollars here and there. Travel safe!
Easy Moving Tips 101

  • Pack your essentials in an overnight bag.
  • Put any items you’ll need first in a clear plastic bin.
  • Use clean clothing and towels to wrap dishes, glasses, breakables.
  • Label your boxes with content AND the destination room.
  • When possible, clean new home early (bathroom and kitchen, at least).
  • Leaky toiletries get a layer of saran, then screw the top over it.
  • Plates are less likely to break when packed vertically, like record albums.
  • Use Press’n Seal to keep drawers and any displays intact.
  • Put any important parts a/o screws in plastic sandwich baggies, then label.
  • Do the same for any wiring or cords related to electronic/computer components.
  • Take a phone pic to remember wire configurations on computers, stereos, TVs, etc.
  • For hanging clothes, bunch into drawstring garbage bags while still on hangers; makes for easier unpacking.
  • Be sure that everything is as completely packed as possible before the movers come.
  • Be sure to familiarize yourself with the moving company’s policies.
  • Take pictures of your old place when finished if you’ve been renting.
  • Likewise, renters should take photos of their new space before moving in.
  • Soap is a great last minute tool to fill in nail holes.
  • Don’t let moving get you down. With these combined tips for packing and moving out, a little forward planning can make all the difference. Moving companies are a great way to increase peace of mind, and although not cheap, you never really know who your friends truly are(n’t) until they don’t show up to help like they said they would on moving day. Leave it to the professionals.
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