Window cleaning

When you’re trying to sell your house, it may seem like a strange time to improve the exterior. Chances are you’ve already had the house assessed and you’re about to move out, so why bother sprucing the place up anymore?

This line of thinking can actually cause your house to stay on the market significantly longer, and it might even sell for less. Investing in the exterior of your home before you sell it is a great way to make it fly off house listings in no time. If you have your house reassessed after you work on the exteriors, you may even find that it’s gone up in value.

So what can you do to make sure your exteriors are giving you the best chance of selling your home?

Residential window cleaning is a great place to start. Window cleaning is a great way to make the outside of your home look polished and professional, increasing curb appeal. Your open houses will benefit from window cleaning as well, since clean windows let in more natural light and heat. Visitors touring your home will have a warmer, brighter experience and you’ll have an easier time closing the sale.

Driveway sealing will also give your home a crisper appearance. Remember, the driveway isn’t just something potential buyers see, it’s something they’ll feel if they park their car on it. You want your driveway to look professional and maintained so that your potential buyer isn’t thinking about how many repairs they’ll have to do if they move in. A sealed driveway makes a great first impression.

The same goes for front and back decks. Deck restoration is a big job, and again, someone looking to buy a house won’t be thrilled if they see all the work they’ll need to do. A newly restored and stained deck is a huge selling point for any potential buyer.

Finishing touches like gutter cleaning, lawn edging and landscaping can also be great ways to increase the selling appeal of your exteriors. Get more info here.

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