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Improving seating does not seem like it should really be all that big of a deal, and yet, such industrial textile solutions are. People find themselves sitting down all the time, and when they do, they want to be as comfortable as possible. Consequently, people everywhere think that if various industries offered improved seating, they’d be providing a better customer experience.

Here’s what you might want to know.

Bus Seats. – In 2012, Volvo introduced its 9500, 9700, and 9900 tourist coaches, and the 8900 intercity bus. What makes these buses special is that Volvo worked with automotive textile manufacturers to create seats that were more comfortable, weighed less, and boosted operators’ productivity. In other words, Volvo used industrial textile solutions to make their buses more efficient.

Airlines. – People want airlines to have bigger seats. That’s a fact. According to a TripAdvisor poll, about 30% of Americans said that they wanted more comfortable seats, and that more comfortable seats would be the biggest improvement airlines could make. If airlines hope to get more people to fly with them, they’d be wise to look into textile solutions that can give the people what they want.

Movie Theaters. – Thanks to the rising price of a movie ticket, and the easiness of illegally downloading movies, movie theaters are having a tougher time getting people to come. In order to sell more tickets, AMC revamped their theaters to include bigger, more luxurious seats, and so far, it’s worked. According to a recent, RBC Capital Markets poll, 24% of those surveyed cited AMC as being their favorite theater, which “is due to their focus on improving the customer experience.”

By working with industrial textile manufacturers
, industries can give the people what it is that they want the most: more comfortable seating. Though it may sound trivial, better seating is simply what the people want.

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