Fire rated windows

A home invasion is committed every 13 seconds. Just because you never want to be in that situation doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared if you are. There are easy things you can do to protect yourself from home intrusion, as well as prepare yourself if you ever find yourself in the middle of one.

Check your access points – Nearly 30% of all burglaries happen because of unlocked or open residential windows and doors. To make sure your residential windows and residential doors are secure, check them every time you’re getting ready to go to sleep, or when you’re preparing to leave the house. Looking into steel doors and steel windows can help to further secure your home, and can offer additional protection while maintaining the appearance of your average window or door.

Make a real plan – Just like you would in the event of a fire, you should have a plan in place for if you have an unwanted person in your home. Establish a room in your house that is the gathering place or “safe room,” and equip it with what you’ll need to protect yourself. (Another situation where you may want to look into steel residential doors.) If you are in a scenario where you aren’t near a phone or any means of contacting the authorities, use the panic alarm on your car keys to alert the intruder that you know they’re there.

Get ready beforehand – Don’t wait until you have a reason to look into securing your home. Updating your windows and doors, as well as looking into security systems for your home, will help you keep your family safe from harm, and will protect your belongings from careless thieves. You can never be too careful, and it’s much better to be safe than sorry.

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