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Does the appearance of your small business?s building affect consumer perception? Studies would seem to indicate this is true — one study published by Retail Customer Experience found that about 66% of customers have avoided a place of business because of its external appearance. So clearly: it matters. You want more customers to come into your store, and you may already be paying money for SEO, ads, and other forms of marketing. None of it will do any good if people refuse to enter, though! Here?s a few ways you can get your storefront into shape.

Clean it Up

According to the same study, about 52% of consumers would avoid a store if it looked dirty from the outside. This can be attributed to literal grime, or it can refer to more of a general chaos. Think of the difference between an organized, interesting storefront in a trendy part of down, and compare it to the jumbled, dusty window of a second-hand items store. If you haven?t hired a cleaning service yet tend to not get around to it yourself, do that — and perhaps hire an interior design while you?re at it, as well.

Upgrade Your Roofing

What?s the first thing a lot of people are going to notice about your physical location? In many cases, it?ll be the roof. If it?s been a while since you?ve given your roof some thought, it might be showing. Commercial roofing companies can set you up with a variety of great looking options, including metal roofing that has numerous added benefits: metal shingles are 20% cheaper to install, can last for over 30 years, and reduce energy costs by up to 20% thanks to its ability to reflect heat away.

Get a New Sign

In today?s age where everyone is looking down at their phone for directions, signs can often feel a bit redundant. However, the importance of physical cues has persisted into the 21st century. Studies have shown that people still make decisions on the fly, often visiting businesses (or simply knowing they exist, period) solely because of an outdoor sign. About 25% of people, for example, report visiting a particular store on any given day because of an outdoor ad.

Will you be getting a new sign, contacting commercial roofing companies about” Title=”Find more info regarding Metal roofing company harrisonburg va”>metal roofing services, or cleaning up your storefront in 2016? If you want people to come into your store — this is the way to do it!

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