Updated 01/09/2022

Cincinnati gutters

In a study by USA Weekend, it was discovered that over the past 20 years there has been a 300% increase in asthma diagnoses. That is a fairly alarming number. Asthma can be triggered by several causes, but the main offenders tend to be airborne allergens and mold. Even for those of us without asthma, mold can wreck havoc on our immune systems. The Mayo Clinic has found that statistically, 93% of chronic sinus infections are caused by living in a moldy environment.

How Clean is Your House, Really?

Alarmingly, the interior of our homes could be practically spotless and we would still potentially experience health problems from mold. The reason why is because our homes obviously have an interior and an exterior, and we are not as diligent as cleaning the outside as we are the inside. After all, how many people do you see pressure washing their house on the weekends? Do you want to clean up your home’s exterior and reap some mild health benefits?

The Importance of Clean Siding.

Not all homes have siding, but for those that do it is important to know how to properly clean it. As vinyl takes the top spot in siding materials used in the U.S., we will start there. Vinyl siding is preferred by many builders and homeowners because it is durable and cheap. While it will not last quite as long as stucco or stone siding, it is nonetheless great at resisting high winds, rain, pollen, bugs, and bird droppings. Because it can take all that abuse, vinyl siding requires maintenance cleaning about once every year, but can be spot-cleaned if especially filthy. While pressure washing could work, it is usually recommended to use a simple cloth or soft-bristled brush with a mild cleaner. Pressure washing the siding could force water between the siding and the house, which is very likely to lead to mold growth.

If your house has stucco, pressure washing is fine, and convenient. Exterior house washing is actually easier when the home is covered with stucco, because so long as there are no cracks, no water can get in to cause mold growth. A pressure washing company can even clean out the gutters as well with a special attachment.

We are fastidious about keeping our homes free of dirt. That fastidiousness can be applied to the outside of our homes as well. It may seem Sisyphean to try and keep the outside clean when it is constantly exposed to the elements. But truthfully, if the exterior is not properly maintained its integrity can become compromised, leading to cracks and mold. Do not forget to clean the outside of your house; who knows, it could improve your health. See this link for more.

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