Throughout the United States, many people are updating their yards. In fact, statistics gathered from a recent Houzz study found that 56% of those surveyed wanted to make their yards more friendly for entertaining. Considering that, it’s impossible to have a pool without choosing the right design. That being said, you’ll find that there several popular types of pools available. With that in mind, here are four popular custom pool design ideas.

  1. Infinity Pools

    Swimming pool builders often create infinity pools for their clients. Infinity pools give the impression that water is infinitely flowing into the surrounding areas of your yard. However, you won’t have to worry about a flooded yard with an infinity pool. This process is created by water that pours down through a hatch, pumping the water back into your pool.
  2. Freeform Pools

    If you’re looking for custom pool designs reflecting more of a natural look, consider freeform options. In addition, you might have heard of these designs known as lagoon style pools. Instead of clean lines or geometric shapes, freeform pools are usually made with natural rock. In turn, this natural rock can be used to make fire pit areas or flowing waterfalls.
  3. Lazy Rivers

    Swimming pool builders work in areas of all sizes. If you have ample amounts of space in your yard, you might consider owning a lazy river. Don’t worry, you won’t need to be floating around in water from a lake. A lazy river is simply the name of a design that resembles more of a course than traditional pool structures. In turn, you’re able to have an area that’s perfect for both relaxing or lounging on a raft all day.
  4. A Pool for Exercise Purposes

    You’ll find that swimming is a great form of cardiovascular exercise. This is because water has a resistance that is ten times stronger than air. In fact, statistics show that swimming is the fourth most popular sport or activity throughout the United States. Lap pools are traditionally smaller than other designs you might have seen. However, the purposes of these pools are more geared towards exercise instead of relaxing. That being said, you’ll find that lap pools are great for anyone looking to get into better shape.

In conclusion, there are several popular types of pool designs. If you’re still searching for more ideas, contact swimming pool builders. In turn, you’ll be able to speak with someone that’s able to understand your design preferences. Considering that, you’ll want to ensure that you’re with a reliable swimming pool builders. This helps ensure that you’re able to receive the pool of your dreams in a fast and efficient manner.

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