If you live anywhere along the eastern coast or down the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean in the United States, you know that hurricanes can be devastating occurrences. Through the years, lives have been lost and homes have been destroyed due to these vicious diseases. If you or your loved ones own a home in the dire areas of hurricane paths, when taking care of your home it is very important be sure you are protecting your home from storm damage. Additions to your home that make certain that your structure will stand sound even after the path of the hurricane can help out immensely. Considering that hurricanes like Irma in 2017 caused nearly $90 billion in damages it is truly important to understand these huge storms. What is a hurricane? And how can you protect your homes from these massive storms?

What is a hurricane?

A hurricane is storm with violent winds and harsh rains. These storms are known to be tropical cyclones and can have serious impacts on your homes. These winds rush at about 74 MPH and can be categorized by scale ratings of 1 to 5. Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th. While these storms may not sound like a big deal to those who have never experienced them, they can leave dangerous effects in their wake.

Protecting your home from storm damage
What are some of the ways that you can make home renovations that have hurricane prep involved? Well here are a few ways that your home can get you in the perfect shape to endure even the worst of tropical storms and hurricanes.


Be sure that when you put in new windows in your home that they can withstand damage. Windows that can handle high speeds will be your best bet for the large gusts of wind that come along with a hurricane. Also windows that are completely sealed and keep the rain out will also help you from having water damage after the storm.

Avoid Home D├ęcor

When choosing what to decorate your home with, avoid placing gravel and rocks down near your home. Being sure that these matters cannot blow around and break any windows or damage to your home and surroundings. Another area of which to avoid would be any decorations that can get swept up in large winds. Make sure that any lawn furniture or bird feeder type things are not in harms way to be blowing around and endangering your home or your neighbors.

Be sure your home is sealed

Things like your garage should have seals so that water and wind damage cannot occur inside of your home. A garage door bracing system that insures that even strong winds are not going to pull the garage off its hinges can be imperative additions to hurricane proofing your home.

Your roof your cap

Another highly important piece in additions you can make to your home is being certain that your roof is updated and intact. Since your roof is the cap of your home, be sure that it is constantly updated, that you re attach any loose shingles and that is anchored down in the case of these storms. Your homebuilder will be able to advise you how to best reinforce your home and your roof.

Always maintaining your home and being sure to always be on your guard in the case of hurricanes can insure that you and your family are protected if the worst occurs. Your windows and doorways sealed, objects hidden away, and your roof perfectly up to date can make it so that your home and your family are ready for whatever these massive storms have in store for you. Most importantly however, if your area is asked to evacuate, regardless of how well prepped your home might be, listen and leave. Do not put yourself in danger just because you seem to be sure of yourself and your home structure. Good luck with all of the hurricanes you and your home endure together, if you follow these additions you will make it through even the worst of them.

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