Custom wood cabinets cost

When you think about custom wood cabinets, your mind probably goes to kitchens and bathrooms first. There’s some good rationale for putting custom made cabinets into these rooms; your investment could pay off when you’re ready to sell your home, as well as making your life easier in the meantime. But there are actually several more places around the home where adding custom cabinetry can increase the function of your home and add visual appeal. Here are some ideas:

    Space-Saving Foyer Solutions

    If you don’t have a front hall closet (or even if you do), it’s likely your entranceway is overflowing with coats, shoes, backpacks, umbrellas and more. A custom cabinetry solution can give you all the function of a hall closet but with added accessibility. Integrated shelves, bins and hooks can even make tucking away boots, umbrellas and the like a cinch. If your hall is fairly narrow, check out sliding, rather than traditionally hinged, doors. This will make sure nothing blocks the flow of traffic.

    Living Room Displays and Organizers

    Custom built bookshelves aren’t the only type of custom made cabinets that can amp up a living space. A full-wall built-in can highlight your book collection, hide the mess of cords associated with your entertainment systems, and incorporate display space for all your favorite knick-knacks and the memories that go along with them.

    Custom Wood Gun Cabinets

    Custom made cabinets are the perfect way to balance display, accessibility and security concerns for firearms. It’s important, obviously, that they be extremely well built and have extensive security measures. Look for signs of top construction such as thick hardwood and dovetailed joints. You can even incorporate secured ammo drawers for extra peace of mind — not only will your guns be there if you need them, kids or anyone else in the house won’t be able to get at them.

    Multi-Purpose Basement Built-Ins

    For most families, basements serve quite a few functions. Some custom woodwork can make all of those functions a little easier to handle. Built-in cabinets can hold everything from art supplies to folding tables. And if you like to entertain, custom wood bars can make serving drinks or food easy.

Can you think of other applications beside custom wood kitchen cabinets for expert woodworking in the home? Do you have tips for getting the best custom cabinets? Add your ideas in the comments.

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