Water well drilling ventura county

Clean water should not just be a luxury for some. It should be a necessity for every single person on the planet. Unfortunately, in certain areas of the country that is not the case yet. But in the United States, access to clean water should be readily available no matter your location.

Some areas struggle with their municipal water systems, but there are other options to gain access to clean water. Natural groundwater is a great solution to some potential water issues.

There are about 394 billion gallons of freshwater in the U.S. each day. It’s estimated that every day groundwater use accounts for 26% or 79.6 billion gallons of the total freshwater in the United States. That’s the equivalent of every person in the country consuming 2,923 twelve ounce cans.

Accessing this large water supply can be easily done with water well drilling specialists. There are over 15 million households in the U.S. that rely on household private wells for their drinking water, according to the CDC. Well drilling services make it possible for people to access this water.

Here are some things to keep in mind before you consult with a well drilling company:

  • Impaired water means that the body of water being accessed from is not supporting one or more of its intended uses. Unsafe drinking water, unhealthy swimming conditions, or if the fish are contaminated can lead to an impaired water rating. Between 40 and 50% of waters in the U.S. are currently impaired.
  • The most common issue associated with groundwater is the abundance of calcium and magnesium buildup. It’s important to test your groundwater to be aware of these issues. Consulting with water well specialists can help prevent future problems.
  • The Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974 requires the EPA to set health standards for drinking water quality that the over 150,000 public water entities in the U.S. must follow.

Accessing the water that is already on your property can be a great way to get clean water for drinking. It’s important to be aware of the water you are already consuming and consult with an experienced well water company to find out more about the potential drinking water available on your property.

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